Aiman & Alinah

Parent of Primary Student

As a parent, finding a good fit and best learning environment for my child, Hakeem are the most important factors when selecting all-rounded school. Though, Miftah An-Nur International School is a young international school, nonetheless, the school has provided students a great platform both academically but equally instilling moral and Islamic values to the curriculum. The school has brought inclusiveness due to its small sizes, hence has created an approachable atmosphere between the management, teachers, parent and students.

The school curriculum, has delivered an excellent foundation in nurturing discipline, good behaviour, confident and creativity. With small classroom sizes, teachers are able to provide sufficient attention to students during lessons. Importantly, Hakeem has an enjoyable time and always looking forward to coming back to school and meeting up his friends once pandemic is over.

Sincerely, Adil Hakeem’s Parent, Aiman & Alinah